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You think push-ups are easy? Then you must try this push up rack with all its variations. Try the 30 day push-up challenge and see how with just push-ups you can lose fat, lose weight, gain muscle, look good, feel good!

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This body building push-up board set comes with the following:
1 Foldable fast setup Push Up Board with anti skid pads
2 Easy plug and release Push Up Bar Handles

The push up board is color coded for easy identification of which body part is targeted for each bar handle position. By changing the push up bar handle position, you can target the Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back.

The color codes are as follows:
BLUE – Chest
GREEN – Triceps
RED – Shoulders

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Build your chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, back. Its a total upper body workout in the comfort of your home.

Who needs expensive Gym membership when you can build your body using your body. Right! Your body weight and this quality push up board is all you need.

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